Helping 501c3 Organizations Provide Music Education

HelpingHands 150x150 Helping 501c3 Organizations Provide Music Education

Helping 501c3 organizations provide Music Education

Who needs music? Think Globally. Correct, everyone needs music. This is exactly why dlp Music Outreach is helping 501c3 organizations provide music education. Music is integral to human society and the human condition. Like math (and related to it), music is a universal language, used by all human beings. In fact, Richard Parncutt, an Australian-born professor of systematic musicology posits that music has its origins in the beginnings of life – “‘motherese,'” defined as mother/child musical language which begins during pregnancy. “The sonic-gestural vocabulary tells both mother and infant about the current physical and emotional state of the other, as well as the current state of play between them.” Gary McPherson, head of the University of Melbourne’s School of Music, adds “’Music is the very first form of intelligence to reveal itself – even before a baby is born they can recognize music and sound patterns.’” Music as an art form transcends the physical realm and speaks directly to the soul and spirit of a person. Timothy Rice, a Professor of Ethnomusicology at UCLA, describes music as a language “used to speak and communicate across various boundaries that the society sets up for itself.”

Helping 501c3 organizations provide Music Education

Music is heard and experienced everywhere, from our conception and throughout our lives, and this is why dlp Music Outreach is helping provide music education to 501c3 organizations. You can’t go anywhere today without speakers or ear buds providing a non-stop soundtrack for life. In fact, it seems more and more difficult to find a quiet space!

But listening is only half the process. Who makes music? Someone has to create the music that we listen to. Who is that someone? On a global level, making music is entrenched in many cultures, particularly where western entertainment has not yet distracted the village or family unit from live creative play. In America, making music has become a dual track: entertainment on the one track and education on the other. For many celebrities, the two never intersect, while much talent remains “undiscovered” as private lessons and music education degrees remain out of reach.

Even our “reality” contests do not provide for music education, but simply give opportunity for initiation into the celebrity status of the entertainment track, riding on raw talent and presentation skills (this is not music education!). The opportunity to make music too easily shifts from gifting to resources.

Helping 501c3 organizations provide Music Education

What can you do to help dlp Music Outreach succeed in helping 501c3 organizations provide music education? Act Locally. One of the most important and effective ways that we can help discover and cultivate gifted music makers is through non-profit organizations created to provide various resources to needy communities. Music educators who partner with these organizations can help bridge that gap between resources and raw talent to prepare every born musician for his/her destiny. These communities include, but are not limited to:

  • Students without music education programs in their schools
  • Patients with mental and physical challenges for which music provides a tool for communication and healing
  • Residents of indigent family housing who need life skills and opportunities for personal growth
  • Recovery program members who need a healthy form of self-expression and discipline
  • Adults who were discouraged as children but can’t shake the dream

On close examination I think you will find that each of these communities is present around the world in one way or another. Music educators can support these non-profit organizations with their music education tools to help fulfill every music maker’s destiny.

Helping 501c3 organizations provide Music Education

“Thinking globally and acting locally,” The Dallas School of Music and the dlp Music Outreach is helping 501c3 organizations provide music education by providing free dlp Music Books. If you know of a non-profit organization that needs a music education component, please contact us today and we will help find those music makers!

Many Blessings
Bob Lawrence, Ph.D.
The Dallas School of Music | dlp Music Outreach

blawrence2 Helping 501c3 Organizations Provide Music Education


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