Organizations We Proudly Serve


The Dallas School of Music is proud to provide FREE dlp Music Books to the following organizations. Your dedication and care to improve the lives of others inspires us all to step forward and extend a helping hand.

Thank you for all that you do!

dare to dream 150x150 Organizations We Proudly Serve
Over the years, Dare to Dream has recruited and trained hundreds of volunteers to educate, inspire, and mentor wounded youth in group homes, shelters, orphanages, and detention centers. Our programs are designed to help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of at-risk youth to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, and teen pregnancy, all of which causes child abuse, school drop-outs, and teen suicide.

The breakdown of family values, fatherless homes, and the drug culture has contributed to the sad moral fiber of our young people. These are the fathers and mothers of tomorrow. They are the hope of our next generation. Please stand with us to champion these leaders of tomorrow. Learn more


dallas casa 2.fw  150x150 Organizations We Proudly Serve

On an average day in Dallas County, more than 2,000 abused and neglected children live in foster care because they cannot live safely at home. These children need powerful voices to speak for them. Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are voices for abused children in court. CASA volunteers are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in protective care. Learn More


bahama village music program store 150x150 Organizations We Proudly Serve

The Bahama Village Music Program is now in our 13th year of bringing free musical education and instruction, to children aged 6 to 16 in our community. BVMP is more than just an educational institution, our program creates a great sense of community spirit and pride, fosters important mentor relationships between local teenage musicians and their students, encourages parent participation, and enhances student’s self-esteem. Our target community, Bahama Village, is rich in cultural history and community involvement, inspiring our students to become not only better musicians, but also better human beings. Bahama Village Music Program’s mission is to provide quality music education to children who would otherwise not have access to private music instruction. Learn More


carecenter.fw  150x150 Organizations We Proudly Serve

CareCenter Ministries serves an area sorely in need of healing and support. The poverty and crime rates of Pleasant Grove are among the highest in the D/FW Metroplex. The schools are chaotic and gang-ridden; drugs are everywhere; gunfire and sirens are common sounds. Yet, there are almost no charitable or relief-oriented organizations in the area. We fill that void and are seeking to renew Pleasant Grove from within.

The CareCenter Team has great hope for the area. Through partnership with like-minded churches, real estate developers and investors, business owners, individuals & visionaries who have a heart for the poor in this region; we will make a difference. Learn More


youth uprising 150x150 Organizations We Proudly Serve

Located in the heart of East Oakland, YU is a neighborhood hub offering young people services and programs to increase the physical and mental wellbeing, community connection, educational attainment, and career achievement among youth members. Our 4 core program areas: Health & WellnessCareer & EducationArts & ExpressionCivic Engagement.

…But delivering services is not our only goal.

Youth UpRising (YU) envisions a healthy and economically robust East Oakland powered by the leadership of youth and young adults as well as improvements in systems and environments that impact them. Our primary focus is building a systems change and community economic development platform that supports and strengthens our personal transformation work. Learn More